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2015 Arts & Crafts Shows Information





2015 Guidelines for ALL Exhibitors



2015 Chamber of Commerce Scheduled Shows:

  • Off-Street Festival:  May 23-25
  • Territorial Days:  June 13-14
  • Faire on the Square:  September 5-7
  • FallFest in the Park:  October 10-11

2015 Exhibitor Guidelines:

Choose your Application carefully!

We have 2 types of applications for our Shows on the Square: 

Arts & Crafts & Other Specialties” for sales booths

“Non-Profit” for Yavapai County Organizations

Regarding Acceptance to Shows:

There have been recent changes in policies and rules at the Yavapai County Courthouse that affect everyone connected with the shows.  In 2015, we will be watching your entries very closely to be sure that you sell appropriate items in your booths.  A detailed description of your arts or crafts, including photographs of the items, is required from every vendor, regardless of how many years you have been in these shows. The Prescott Chamber of Commerce reserves the right to disqualify any exhibitor for failure to comply with the rules and regulations and also reserves the right to make final interpretation of all rules. 

There will no longer be Business Expo booths as part of the Chamber of Commerce Shows on the Square.

Special Notes:  The following spaces will be out-of-service on the Plaza for the 2015 Season: 

50, 51, 69, 78, 83, 84, 85, 86, 87, 136, 137, 138, 139.

In addition:  There is an application for the Off-Street Festival which is NOT on the Square. This show may have “resale items” at the promoter’s discretion.


Prescott Chamber of Commerce and the Sister City Committee are the ONLY ones permitted to sell water or soda at any Chamber of Commerce Show.

Regarding Photographs for Application:

These requirements are for acceptance into the 3 Chamber of Commerce shows held on the Courthouse Square, as well as for the Off-Street Festival held in the Chamber parking lot.

A Minimum of 4 Photographs is Required:

2 - 3 (or more) of the items to be sold. 

1 of the booth set-up that will occupy the assigned space.

1 of Artist making item for Shows on the Square.

Photographs may be mailed in with the application(s) or emailed to us at - one set of photos per applicant is sufficient. Items unrelated to those in the photos may not be offered for sale in your booth. Photographs will not be returned and are not stored by the Chamber of Commerce from year to year.

Regarding County Violations:

Exhibitors must pay any fines imposed by Yavapai County for violations of Courthouse Plaza Rules.  Fines will be billed by the Prescott Chamber of Commerce after the show is completed.  If fines remain unpaid by the exhibitor, entries for future shows will be denied.

If you are found violating the Chamber of Commerce show rules, you will not be asked back for next season's shows. If you applied for other Chamber shows this season and you're found in violation of show rules, your future application will be returned and you will forfeit the $50 deposit. Parking violations will be a high priority in this regard.